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Creative Solutions
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There are no new problems, only novel solutions: and while many people say that "there's more than one way to skin a cat," creative thinking and innovation are not characteristics that one ordinarily associates with large organizations, including law firms.
Instead, creative thinking and innovation are hallmarks of the maverick, the visionary and the entrepreneur; our kind of people.

Prospective clients are often surprised when we tell them that the law is more art than science, particularly in the corporate finance arena. But as we explain the process of creative lawyering, it becomes clear that the magic happens much easier in an environment where there are no established "off the shelf" solutions.

Over the years, we have handled complex corporate finance projects for partnerships and corporations in a wide variety of industries including oil and gas exploration, technology and services; venture capital; medical diagnostics, services and equipment; toxic waste remediation and recycling; wireless data communication; agricultural biotechnology; computer technology; nanotechnology; battery storage; and alternative fuels. While each of these engagements has enhanced our ability to represent early stage growth companies, the one unifying thread has been an overriding need for creative solutions to common problems.