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Client Service
We answer our own phones and if a client doesn't get us on his first try, we return phone calls and respond to messages promptly. We don't charge prospective clients for our time until we decide we can serve their needs and make a substantive contribution to the success of their business.
We routinely embrace new technologies that allow us to provide greater service to our clients. For example, we had laser printing in 1985, telephonic data transfer in 1987, optical character recognition in 1989, read-write optical disk storage in 1993 and a world-wide web presence in 1995. When we first established this website, there were fewer than 50 law firm sites on the web. Today there are thousands.
Our goal is to remain one of the most technically sophisticated small law firms in the world. You will notice the results of this automation in our high quality work product, our rapid turnaround, and our cost effectiveness.

Our firm and style of practice are not for everyone. We cannot have more than two or three major projects going at any one time. When our clients need a contract or offering document or prospectus, they generally need it immediately and don't want to hear us say "I can get to it next Wednesday." Because of our insistence on immediate responsiveness, there simply are not enough hours in the day for us to take on more work and continue to provide the level of service that our clients have come to expect.

We deliberately limit our practice to companies where our brand of total commitment will add the greatest value. We believe that a complete understanding of all aspects of our client's business is a prerequisite to effective legal representation. When we ask endless questions, or talk for hours with members of your technical staff, we are making an investment in a relationship that we hope will pay off for years to come. While this familiarity helps us provide better service to our clients, the simple fact is we get excited about what our clients are trying to do and want to play an active role in helping you build your business!